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・日記 「iPhone8をiPhoneXに買い替えた(その1)」  "I replaced my iPhone 8 with an iPhone X (Part 1)"

・随筆 「和して同ぜず」  “Harmony and not the same”

・日記 「小玉スイカの娘への発送」  "Shipping Kodama = Small Size Watermelon to my two daughters"

・日記 「フロッピーディスクのファイルをアナログデータだと?」  "The file on the floppy disk is analog data?"

・日記 「開運!なんでも鑑定団 in K市」   “Good luck! Anything TV-Broadcast Program in K City”

・ 日記 「キッチン水銀蛍光灯の LED蛍光灯への取替え」  "Replacing kitchen mercury fluorescent lights with LED fluorescent lights"

・日記 「新紙幣発行」  "Issuance of new banknotes"

・日記 「形成外科」 “What is plastic surgery?” 

・随筆 「漢方薬」  "The Medicine of Herbal (Kanpou) Medicines"

・日記「右臀部腫瘍除去手術あとの治療」  “Treatment after right hip tumor removal surgery”

・日記 「大きな皮下腫瘍を取除いて貰った」  "I had a large subcutaneous tumor removed."

・日記 「私の好きなTV番組」  "My Fevorite TV Show"

・日記 「学区人権委員会議」  “School District Human Rights Committee Meeting”

・お薬四方山話 第21・22・23話追加  Episodes 21, 22, and 23 are added

・日記 「京都府立植物園に行った」  "I went to Kyoto Botanical Garden"

・お薬四方山話 「月下美人」  "Beauty under the moon"












 Hello, I am an elderly man whose nickname is 'Daisaku-ji'' who retired from a salaryman a long time ago.    Thank you very much for your support.    I pursued a career as a medical technician (pharmacist in pharmaceutical technology).



日記 Diary/随筆 Assay


I have had no trouble writing since I was young, and perhaps because of this, I have been writing diaries (several hundred characters) and essays (several thousand characters) since I got older.    Here I will be introducing what I have written and what I have newly written.



お薬四方山話 Topics of Drug


   Although I am a pharmacist who has been involved in drug development for many years, I am not a pharmacist, so I do not have detailed knowledge of therapeutic drugs.    However, I believe that I have more knowledge about medicine and medical care than the general public, so for several years I serialized various stories about medicine in the monthly newsletter of the ''Town Development Council'' in my hometown at the request of an editor.    Here, I will be presenting 30 of thosecolumns in sequence.




自 作 曲 My Writed and Composed Songs



   I'm not a music professional, I'm not good at singing, and I can't play any musical instruments very well, but around the age of 55, I became interested in creating MIDI songs, and started using Yamaha's XGWorks 4.0, Internet Inc.'s SSW, etc.    I have created many popular songs using commercially available DOW software. There was no problem when I listened to it myself, but in the past, when it was made public, copyright issues for the main melody, accompaniment, and lyrics often came up.    However, I now know that if I write the lyrics myself and add my own main melody and accompaniment using Internet Inc.'s software called SSWLite10, I can publish them without copyright issues.    Here I will introduce some of my own compositions with lyrics, melodies, and accompaniment created by such amateurs.    I should be happy to hear the opinions and impressions of our viewers.